Financial education sites:

Bionicturtle provides resources for the FRM exam.

Invest-faq is a good educational website.

Investopedia provides the biggest finance glossary for free.

Investorwords proposes finance dictionary and questions/answers on finance.

Wall Street Survivor provides various resources and stock market simulation.

Wikinvest: The wikipedia for investments.

888 Options is a great website about options with a lot of free educational resources.

Financial Markets:

N.Y Euronext


LondonStock Exchange

TorontoExchange Market

Online Brokers selection:

Online Stock Trading Review : This website will help you to choose the right online broker.

Financial help:

NAFPA is the U.S National Association of Personal Financial Advisors


Bankrate proposes many free calculators (investment, retirement, mortgages).

Investing Roadmap proposes a free ebook on investing.

PortfolioMonkey Free site where the can calculate the risk on your portfolio(based on volatility).

Smart Brief: A free newsletter, one of the best ones.

Stock Portfolio Manager: A free excel application to follow your investments.

Investor Home is website trying to organize the various investing resources on internet.

TVM Calcs: is a good source for financial calculators and finance excel spreasheets.

More links:

Wachowicz’s Web World proposes a large collection of links on investing.