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ccording to some projections, the worldwide population will grow from 7 bn to 9 bn by 2050. The percentage of people living in cities will rise from 50% to 70% by 2050. The middle class population will reach 1,2 bn by 2030 (against 400 millions now).

Each day we consume more protein (fish and meat). The annual consumption of meat/fish should increase from 40 kg to 50 kg by 2030. Because of all these elements, here at YourPortfolio101 we would like to present you a short analysis of Nutreco Holding N.V.

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YUM Brands Inc

hina consuming class is expected to grow from 450 millions today to around 650 millions in 2020. Yun Brands! is a true international company with more than 65% of the profit coming from outside the United States.

Yum! Brands Inc is composed of several brands: The major brands are KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

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